Frequently Asked Questions


Why have Bound Books been temporarily discontinued?

Due to recent supply chain issues, The Burnham System is experiencing major problems with shipment logistics. For the foreseeable future it will not be feasible for us to ship Bound Books.

That said, The Burnham System does offer Digital PDF (Portable Document Format) editions of every study guide previously offered in Bound Book format AND NOW we also offer an option to UPGRADE a nonprintable PDF to a fully PRINTABLE PDF (for a fee) while adding items to your cart, or, as an option in Your Downloadable Products after your initial order.

Whether it be printable or nonprintable, our Digital PDF Books are exact digital replicas of our previously offered Bound Book editions, so you'll never miss out on any facet of our learning system. AND, Bonus, in most cases, our Digital PDF Books come with companion Audio Narrations (in MP3 format).

HOWEVER, if you still need help obtaining our materials in printed format, please tap here to contact customer service and use the form provided to open a support ticket. Support team members are standing by to assist you.


How many times may I download a file associated with an order?

Where stated The Burnham System allows each file associated with an order to be generated and subsequently downloaded a maximum of 5 times across all devices; not 5 times per device.

PLEASE NOTE: iPhone and iPad users, read this important FAQ, How do I save my downloadable PDF or MP3 files to my iPhone or iPad?


How often do you revise and update your study guides?

The Burnham System consistently publishes revisions before the first day of the first exam period for each and every course study guide we offer.

We've been vigilant in that endeavor for over 30 years.


Are PDF study guides always the most current revision available?

Yes, ordering a study guide through our website, in PDF format, grants you access—at no additional charge—to a study guide's current revision, and all future revisions, if you re-download your PDF after we make a revision, and if, and only if, we still offer that study guide in our catalog. We do not provide revisions for products we have discontinued. Further, we reserve the right not to provide extra copies of products we have discontinued for re-download.

Example: If, for some reason you skip a test one year, the next year just re-download any PDF study guide you've purchased and you'll automatically get the latest revision.


I've forgotten my PDF Password. What is my PDF Password?

The password for PDF files downloaded by you, from this website, is your user account email address, for logging in to this website, in all lowercase letters.

Example: If Jane Doe purchases, generates, and downloads a CPCU 500 study guide, in PDF format, from this website and her email address for logging in to this website is, her password to open PDF files which she downloads from this website would be If Jane got married, changed her last name to Smith, and then updated her login email address for this website to, from that point forward her password for any-and-all newly downloaded PDF files, which she obtained from this website, would be


Why are the Phone Hours only 1 PM - 5 PM EST?

After working all morning to prepare more study guides for distribution, Ray Burnham prefers to answer the phone himself. This limits the hours he has available to offer exceptional, one-on-one customer service to the second half of his workday.

Conversely, this website gives you the freedom to place orders or open support tickets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Why, when calling 888-BURNHAM from Bermuda, do I get a disconnected dial tone?

Unfortunately, some phone service providers and call relay systems in island based areas don't support calls to 888 numbers.

If you're in Bermuda, please call us at +1-808-987-1033.


Do you offer Study Guides in a Downloadable Audio format?

Yes, we offer narrated insurance exam preparation materials, in downloadable MP3 audio format, for a select number of our Core Audio Study Guides®.


What courses are covered under Core Audio Study Guides?

Our Core Audio Study Guides® cover 128 courses; including AAI 301, AAI 302, AAI 303, AAI 81, AAI 82, AAI 83, AAI 87, AAI-M 330, AFSB 151, AFSB 152, AFSB 153, AIAF 114, AIAF 115, AIC 30, AIC 300, AIC 301, AIC 302, AIC 303, AIC 304, AIC 305, AIC 31, AIC 32, AIC 330, AIC 37, AIC 39, AIC 40, AIC 41, AIC 42, AIC 43, AIC 44, AIC 47, AIC 48, AIC 49, AIDA 181, AIDA 182, AIM 330, AIM 331, AIM 40, AIM 44, AINS 101, AINS 102, AINS 103, AINS 21, AINS 22, AINS 23, AINS 24, AIS 25, AIS 320, AIT 134, AMIM 121, AMIM 122, AMIM 320, AMIM 321, APA 320, APA 321, APA 91, APA 92, API 28, API 29, API 320, API 321, ARC 301, ARe 143, ARe 144, ARe 320, ARe 321, ARe 322, ARM 400, ARM 401, ARM 402, ARM 54, ARM 55, ARM 56, ASLI 163, ASLI 164, ASLI 320, ASLI 321, AU 60, AU 61, AU 62, AU 67, CIC CC 101, CIC CP 101, CIC LH 101, CIC PL 101, CPCU 410, CPCU 500, CPCU 520, CPCU 530, CPCU 540, CPCU 550, CPCU 551, CPCU 552, CPCU 553, CPCU 555, CPCU 556, CPCU 557, CYB 301, ERM 57, Ethics CPCU 312, Ethics IIA 311, HS 300, HS 311, HS 313, HS 314, HS 319, HS 321, HS 323, HS 324, HS 325, HS 326, HS 328, HS 330, HS 331, HS 333, HS 334, HS 375, HS 376, Intro 320, Intro 330, Intro 350, Intro 360, IR-ARC 201, PRC 110, PRC 111, SM 18, SM 19, and SPPA 30.

Over the next 18 months we plan to offer even more audio study guides for virtually every course listed in our Store. Sign up for our newsletter, by clicking here, to stay informed and to learn which study guides will be receiving audio next.


I do not see a price for “Audio” in your Store. How can I obtain an Audio Study Guide?

You can automatically obtain an audio study guide's entire collection of assignments—for FREE, in MP3 format—if you purchase or receive free, or, if you have purchased or received free, the full PDF version of one of our Core Audio Study Guides.*

To check if any of your current or past purchases qualify, please login and visit your user account's My Downloadable Products section.

* Only orders placed through or a partnering sales portal qualify.


How do I save my downloadable PDF or MP3 files to my iPhone or iPad?

PREFACE: Unlike most all Android OS devices, some older model Apple iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc.) do not have a centralized folder to save PDF or MP3 files to.However, there is away around that problem ...

According to Apple iOS's press release specs, starting in 2015, and, up uintil very recently on most models of iOS devices, if you attempt to download a file using an iOS device's web browser app, it will only open and/or play a temporarily cached version of said file directly within the web browser app; and generally, only while you are connected to the Internet. That specification applies to any-and-all iOS web browser apps. Again, there is away around that problem ...

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get around that problem:

  1. First, using your iOS device, visit the App Store to get an app called "Dropbox"; it's FREE in the App Store.
  2. Once installed, open Dropbox and enter your Dropbox account credentials; if you do not have any Dropbox credentials, the Dropbox app will let you create a 'free' Dropbox account.
  3. After you open Dropbox, and after you log in to your Dropbox account, tap the app's upper left "dot dot dot" ( ••• ) button; a menu will appear. After it appears, tap the "Create Folder" option, then type in a folder name—we suggest naming the folder "Burnham System"—and press "Done."
  4. Next, exit Dropbox, open the Safari web browser app, and log in to the website; then go to the My Downloadable Products section of your customer account. Once you're there, tap on the PDF or MP3 file you wish to generate and download. After the website generates the specified file and you press its download button, Safari should open that file in a new browser-tab. The PDF file you generate should, by default, automatically open, using Safari's basic built-in PDF-viewer. The MP3 file you generate should, by default, automatically begin playing, using Safari's basic built-in audio-player. If you are attempting to save an MP3 file to your iOS device, be sure to pause the audio narration—which begins playing automatically in Safari—before following the next step.
  5. After your PDF or MP3 file opens in a new Safari browser-tab, tap the "Activities" button (a.k.a., the "Share" button) to activate a swipeable "Activities" menu; the "Activities" button looks like a "box" ( ) with an "upward pointing arrow" ( ) poking out the top of it.
  6. Located on the second or third row, of the swipeable "Activities" menu, should be a "Save to Dropbox" option button; when you find it, tap it.
  7. After you tap the "Save to Dropbox" option, a pop-up window labeled "Save to Dropbox" will appear. Select the folder you want to save the PDF or MP3 file to—e.g., your "Burnham System" Dropbox folder—by tapping the folder's name, then tap the "Save" button.
  8. Now your PDF or MP3 will be saved into Dropbox for easy access! After you've saved your PDF or MP3 you can close the new Safari browser-tab, exit Safari, open Dropbox, and view your PDF or listen to your MP3.
  9. If you want to view a PDF or listen to an MP3 when you are not connected to the Internet, i.e., when you are offline, you'll want to set a few special settings within the Dropbox app. To accomplish that task, open Dropbox and navigate to the file you want offline access to. After you've found it, tap that file's "Options" button; the "Options" button looks like a "circle" ( ) with a "downward pointing chevron arrow" ( ) inside of it. A menu will appear; once it does, tap the menu item labeled "Make Available Offline" to set that file available for offline viewing and/or listening.
  10. BONUS TIP: If you open with your Safari web browser app, then tap the "Activities" button, then tap the "Add to Home Screen" option, you'll have one-tap access to this website any time you're connected to the Internet!

Below is a list of apps to help you save and easily view PDFs and listen to MP3s on your iOS device:

As of September 28th 2017, that method, of ‘saving a PDF or MP3 file from Safari to Dropbox,’ only works using Apple's Safari web browser app; other web browser apps, such as Google's Chrome web browser app for iOS, to the best of our knowledge, do not have the ability to utilize Dropbox's "Save to Dropbox" web browser menu-option.


How can I Highlight Text and Write Notes on my PDF using an iOS device?

If you'd like to make strikethrough markings, highlight text, or write annotations and notes on any of your PDF files that you've saved to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), we suggest you get an app called "Foxit PDF"; it's FREE in the App Store.

  1. Once you've installed Foxit PDF, select the desired PDF file that you want to annotate—by opening the Dropbox app—to send it over to Foxit PDF. If you don't know how to save PDF files to Dropbox on your iOS device, click here to learn How to Save PDF Files to your iOS Device.
  2. Next, tap the Dropbox app's upper right "dot dot dot" ( ••• ) button; a menu will appear; after it appears, tap on the "Export" option; another menu will appear; after it appears, tap on the "Open in..." option; a third menu will appear; after it appears, tap on the "Copy to Foxit PDF" option. Once you've exported/copied your PDF study guide from Dropbox to Foxit PDF, you'll be able to open it using Foxit PDF.
  3. After you've opened the Foxit PDF app, you'll be able to easily write notes on your PDF's pages, highlight text, make strikethrough markings, and so much more.

HELPFUL TIP: If the Foxit PDF app asks you, ‘if you want to sign up for Foxit's ConnectedPDF service,’ you can simply press the "Skip" button; you do not have to sign up for Foxit's ConnectedPDF service to use the Foxit PDF app.

HELPFUL HINT: When using Foxit PDF, if you want to remove annotations (highlighted text, struck-through text, etc.), lightly tap an area that you've made notations on; that will cause a pop-up menu to appear; that menu will have several options, including an option to delete any notations you've made in said area.


How can I save my place when listening to an MP3 on an iOS device?

If you want the ability to pick up where you last left off while listening to MP3 files on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), we suggest you get an app called "CloudBeats"; it's FREE in the App Store.

CloudBeats has a great feature that allows you to link it to the Dropbox app. Once they're linked, you'll have easy access to any MP3 files you've saved to Dropbox. Best of all, CloudBeats has the ability to remember where you last left off when listening to MP3 audio files!

If you don't know how to save MP3 files to Dropbox on your iOS device, click here to learn How to Save MP3 Files to your iOS Device.

CloudBeats also gives you the freedom to enjoy all the rich features embedded in every Burnham System MP3 audio study guide; e.g., you'll be able to view track titles and assignment numerations.


Sometimes when I listen to an Audio Study Guide it cuts off after a minute. Why is that happening?

Please check your Internet connection to ensure that you are able to download files at a data transfer speed of at least 20 Mbps (megabits per second); while 20 Mbps is not required to download our study guides, it may take around 10 minutes to an hour or more to download a single study guide if your Internet connection is slower than 20 Mbps. And, please check your device's file storage space to ensure it has enough memory to store files as large as 120 MB (megabytes).

Our audio study guides—produced in MP3 format—generally contain 45 minutes of audio narration and are recorded in very high quality, leading to file sizes upwards of 120 MB (megabytes)—or to put is another way, file sizes as large as 960 Mb (megabits). Files that size take roughly 2 minutes—give or take 30 seconds—to download over an Internet connection transfer speed of 20 Mbps; roughly 90 seconds over a 50 Mbps connection; and roughly 15 seconds over a 300 Mbps connection.

If you do not have an Internet connection capable of downloading large files, or your device has run out of file storage space, there's a good chance you only downloaded a portion of an audio file, not the whole file, resulting in only a few minutes of an audio study guide's narration being saved to your device.

HELPFUL SIDE NOTE: 1 megabit (Mb) is 1/8 the size of 1 megabyte (MB). Thus, to download a 1 MB file—or to put it another way, an 8 Mb file—in 1 second, you'd need an Internet connection transfer speed of 8 megabits per second (Mbps). To download a 60 MB file—or to put it another way, a 480 Mb file—in 1 second, you'd need an Internet connection transfer speed of 480 Mbps.


Do you offer Study Guides in CD and/or Cassette Tape format?

No. However, you're welcome to burn copies of our MP3 study guides onto compact discs; [1] if you have access to a CD burner; and [2] if, and only if, you purchase(d) and/or legally obtain(ed) a PDF study guide and its corresponding MP3 assignments from this website.


Do you offer Free Samples of your MP3 Audio Study Guides?

Yes, to obtain a free sample audio study guide, please visit our Free Samples section. Once there, select one of our Core Audio Study Guides. Each sample contains narrations of a purchasable study guide's first assignment. After you make your selection and fill in all the required fields, press the Generate Sample Guide button. A button to download your sample audio study guide will appear after the MP3 file is generated.


Do you offer Study Guides in Downloadable, Digital “eBook” format?

Yes, you can purchase and download any of our Bound Book study guides in digitally downloadable, readable Portable Document Format (PDF). We even offer some study guides exclusively in PDF; usually at a discount.

NOTICE: PDF files generated through our website are encryption protected and watermarked with identifiable customer information. You can make digital notes on our PDF files, and save your annotations; you cannot print them, nor copy text from them to new digital documents.

The following list of known apps are capable of opening and annotating encryption protected PDF files:


Do you offer Free Samples of your PDF Study Guides?

Yes, we offer a free sample of each and every study guide available for purchase in our Store. Each sample contains The Burnham System's first assignment of the study guide and other material related to the study guide. Please visit our Free Samples section to grab yourself a sample PDF.


Where can I read your Terms, Policies, and Notices?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions section to view our website's terms of use. Our website's terms of use agreement is also comprised of our Privacy Policy section, our Legal Notices section, and the answers outlined on our FAQs section.

To view our guarantees and policies, visit any of the following sections: Our Guarantees, Shipping Policy & Methods, Exchange Policy, Refund Policy. Or please visit our Customer Service section for more information.


I bought the wrong item. Should I cancel my order or can I request an exchange?

If you wanted Item A, but accidentally bought Item B, then you should request an Item Exchange. Please attempt to contact Customer Service before 4:00 PM EST on the same day you placed your order.

Please see our Exchange Policy section for additional critical details.

Conversely, if you bought an item, but later decide that you do not want it, we can void (cancel) any order placed on a credit card, up to 24 hours, so long as none of the items in your order have shipped. To ensure that you receive a prompt refund—via void—please attempt to contact Customer Service before 4:00 PM EST on the same day you placed your order.


Can you void my order, if I decided I do not want any of my purchases?

Yes, generally, if you contact us within 24 hours of placing your order, and, if none of the items in your order have shipped, and, if none of the charges we applied agaist your credit card have cleared your financial institution, we can void the transaction. You will receive a refund notice, however your credit card will not be charged; we simply release any temporarily held funds. To ensure that you receive a prompt refund—via void—please attempt to contact Customer Service before 4:00 PM EST on the same day you placed your order.

NOTICE: If you receive a refund for a PDF file that you have purchased from this website, the link to download said PDF file and all associated files—including MP3 files—will expire, permanently; you cannot download a refunded PDF file.


I bought a few items I do not want. How do I get a refund for them?

If you bought a few items you did not want, or, you are not happy with some of the items you purchased, please contact Customer Service. We'd be happy to issue you a partial refund for any items you did not want.

Please see our Refund Policy section for additional critical details.


Do you offer Coupons?

We offer a variety of promotional coupons and discounts. Please visit our Coupons & Discounts section to view our current discount offerings.

Example: Enter coupon code FAQsCoupon in Your Cart to get $13 off any product in our Store. Coupon is not valid with other offers or coupons. Offer is not valid to all those who work at certain companies.

You may also go to our Contact Us section to request a special coupon, if none of our Coupons & Discounts section's offerings meet your needs. However, we make no guarantee that additional coupons—not listed on our Coupons & Discounts section—will be available upon request.

NOTICE: Unless otherwise stated, all of our coupons expire after 45 days. You may only use one coupon per order.


Do you offer Automatic Special Pricing for employees of certain companies?

Yes, we do! Login with your company email address and visit our Store to find out if we're offering discounts to employees of your company.


How do I get an Automatic Discount, if my company receives Automatic Special Pricing?

Getting an automatic discount is as simple as logging in to our website. If your email address is valid and your email address ends with a domain name matching the official website domain name owned by a company we give Automatic Special Pricing to, then after you log in to our website, all the prices in our Store will change to reflect the price points we offer your company.


Can you give me an Example of an Automatic Discount?

Sure, here's a simple example to illustrate how our website's automatic discounting system works: The Burnham System is currently offering Example Insurance company Bound Book study guides for $290 and Digital study guides for $190. If Mike, who works at Example Insurance company, logs in to our website with his company email address ending in, for instance, he sees all our Bound Book prices drop from $295 to $290, and all our Digital prices drop from $195 to $190.


How can my company receive Automatic Special Pricing?

Generally, Automatic Special Pricing is based heavily on the volume of purchases that a particular company's employees make per annum.

One way, to find out if your company might qualify for a volume based discount, is to ask an authorized agent at your company, who is permitted to negotiate deals and contracts with suppliers, to call or email The Burnham System, so we can go over the numbers.

You may also contact us through our Contact Us section.


Do you have a Facebook account?

We do. "Like" us on Facebook at to keep up to date with our latest offerings.


Do you have a Twitter feed?

We've been known to tweet. "Follow" us on Twitter at to keep up to date with our latest offerings.


Can I save items in my Shopping Cart?

Sure, if you are logged in to your user account, items that you place into your shopping cart will be saved automatically in Your Cart; up to 5 weeks.


Do you ship items outside the United States of America?

No, we do not ship items outside of the United States. Please click here for more information regarding Our Shipping Policy & Methods.


Can my name and/or other information be altered on my receipt?

Before shipping your order we can alter your shipping address information. After shipping (processing) your order we cannot alter your shipping address information—unless we are processing a reshipment or an exchange.

We cannot alter a receipt's billing address information once an order has been placed (is processing), nor after an order has been shipped (is complete).

Manually adjusting or tampering with a receipt's billing address information—including a customer's name—after it has been submitted to a customer's credit card processor would violate numerous contracts and agreements we have with Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and various other payment processing organizations.

However, we could provide you a refund or void your inaccurate order. Then you could provide us your updated name and/or other information and we could process a new order for you.


Can you change my shipping address before my order ships?

Yes, we can change your shipping address information, if you contact Customer Service before your order ships (is complete); usually at 4:00 PM EST on the same day you placed the order.


Can you change my shipping address after my order ships?

No, we cannot alter your shipping address information after your order has shipped (has processed)—unless we are processing a reshipment or an exchange.


Can I Annotate and Make Notes on my PDF?

Yes, you can annotate and make notes on encryption protected PDF files that you download from our website, if you have a PDF Reader capable of annotation.

We recommend the following known apps for annotating encryption protected PDF files:


Can I Print my PDF?

Unless you purchase a Printable PDF, generally, no, you cannot print an encryption protected PDF file downloaded from this website, because printing within our standard PDF files has been disabled. If you'd like to write notes directly on your study materials, please use your PDF Reader's annotate feature. Please click here for more information regarding your User Digital Document Rights.


Can I Copy text from my PDF?

No, you cannot copy an encryption protected PDF file's text because text copying within our PDF files has been disabled. If you'd like to write notes directly on your study materials, please use your PDF Reader's annotate feature, or consider purchasing a Bound Book version. Please click here for more information regarding your User Digital Document Rights.


Can I buy a PDF for Another Person using my account?

Generally no, you may not use your user account to buy a PDF, through our website, for another person. In general, PDF files are tied to the user account and email address of the person who placed the PDF order; including each PDF having the name and email address of the person who bought the PDF printed on the top of every page. However, there are exception to that rule, especially for people who intend to buy products from their employees. Please contact Customer Service to find out what those exceptions may be.


Using my credit card, can my Friend buy themselves a PDF, using their own account?

Yes, your friend, your boss, one of your employees, or one of your family members is welcome to create a user account on our website, and then—with your permission—use your credit card to buy themselves a PDF. PDF files are not tied to the person or entity that rendered payment. PDF files are tied to the user account and email address of the person who placed the PDF order.


Why am I unable download my PDF to my Computer?

Most likely, the web browser app you are using to view and interact with our website does not support large file downloads (over 1.02 MB).

Here is a list web browsers that are known to suffer from the aforementioned problem:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Edge for Windows
  • Safari for Windows

Whether you're using a Computer, Laptop, or Netbook, we recommend that you use Google's Chrome web browser app to view and interact with our website.

Chrome displays a richer, more vibrant rendition of our website than any other web browser we've compared it to. Chrome's built-in PDF Reader is very user-friendly and it does not "timeout" when downloading large PDF files, if connected to a solid Internet connection.

Chrome is 100% FREE. Chrome is available for Windows, macOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle.


Why am I unable to download my PDF to iPad, iPhone, or iPod using Safari?

The Safari app for iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.) has a known download bug. In some instances, the bug will cause Safari to "timeout" when downloading PDF files larger than 1.02 MB* over a Internet connection slower than 10 Mbps. Often, the error reads, "Safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost.".

To fix the problem, try switching to an Internet connection faster than 50 Mbps.

* Virtually all Burnham System study guides—in PDF format—are over 1.02 MB.


Why am I unable to open my PDF on my Amazon Kindle?

Kindle eReaders have a known issue that causes their built-in PDF viewing software to misinterpret some PDF files—especially files protected with heavy encryption—as Amazon DRM protected files. Since our PDF files are encryption protected, if you own a Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, or any other eReader made by Amazon, there is a good chance you won't be able to open our PDF study guides, unless you download a 3rd party PDF viewing application.

Here is a list of known apps you can use to view PDF files on your Kindle:


Who created and licenses the PDF and MP3 generating software utilized by your company?

Appfunction, an app and website development company, with a flare for building the impossible ... using clever code and sheer determination.


Who developed your website?

Appfunction, a mid-sized software development company. They offer a wide array of software and client services for every size business, including Mom & Pop companies and Enterprise Level businesses.


Does your website have an SSL Certificate?

We sure do! And, our website's SSL Certificate has a 256-bit encryption.


What is The Burnham System?

The Burnham System summarizes and outlines your texts to provide you concise, to-the-point, time-saving executive summaries. A Burnham System study guide packet in printed format averages 65 pages. Most study guides also provide, as bonuses, answers to the Review Questions, definitions of the Key Words, and a sample exam. Key Words are defined in standard text. Other new terms are defined in italics. The Burnham System executive summaries will cover at least 97% of the material on your exam. In most cases, The Burnham System usually covers 100% of the material on your exam.


Why use The Burnham System?

You'll pass. Guaranteed! Independent studies done at Carnegie-Mellon for the US Government compared retention of text material versus retention of text summaries. Students who studied text summaries consistently demonstrated improved retention, direct learning, inference learning, transfer learning, and recall and response times. Surveys from Burnham System patrons consistently show candidates cut their study time in half and have much higher pass rates, over 95%.


How can you guarantee I'll pass?

Ray's students' overall pass rate is by far the best in the business. Ray can guarantee you'll pass with The Burnham System ... because you will pass ... if you use The Burnham System.


What about The Burnham System's Pass Rates?

Ray hired a CPA firm to audit and certify his students' pass rates. Culliton and Fanning, LLC, CPAs determined Ray's patrons' averaged over a 97% pass rate during a six-year period. Ray works tirelessly every day to help his students pass (and save time in their studies).


Do I need to get the Institutes' textbooks too?

Yes, you'll need the Institutes' texts when you want greater details, both now and in the future. Buy the texts. They represent the distilled experience of the top experts in the insurance industry. If you are taking a course from The American College, its texts are included in your fee.


Do I need to take a class too?

Any extra preparation you do, in addition to using The Burnham System, will help. Try a class. Try The Burnham System. Use whatever tools you can find to help you achieve your goals.


How many pages are The Burnham System's study guides?

Ray's guides average 65 pages per study guide, excluding bonus material.


How many exam questions does The Burnham System cover?

In the past ten years, Ray has been told of exactly four individual questions that he did not cover in his basic material.


How do your study guide offerings compare to other providers?

Among independent sources, only The Burnham System offers all the study guides for the CPCU, CLU, ChFC, REBC, RHU, AINS, or AIC, or any of the specific study guides for the API, AIM, ERM, ARM-P, RMPE, AU, AU-M, AAI, APA, AIAF, AMIM, AIT, ARe, AFSB, ASLI, ARC, ANFI, or CIC.

If you want to earn any of those designations and you want help—if you want to halve your study time or if you want to improve your chance of passing from about 70% to over 95%, (or both)—then you want The Burnham System.


How can I get more information before I buy The Burnham System?

First, you don't make any commitment when you order The Burnham System. Ray guarantees he will meet any standard of quality you set—or your money back. You don't buy it, you try it. Second, if you have a question, just call. We will be happy to help you. Third, nothing and no one can possibly describe The Burnham System better than The Burnham System itself. Order it. Use it. Then decide.


What qualifies you to teach CPCU, IIA, CLU, CIC, and other courses?

Ray is not a theory-only academician. Ray is an active participant in our industry and has dedicated his life's work to real insurance. When you use The Burnham System, you benefit from his experiences and accomplishments.


How many companies offer the RHU and REBC study guides?

Exactly one—The Burnham System.


Why did Ray create The Burnham System?

To help you learn quickly and to help you pass, the first time, every time. Ray created the very preparation tool he wishes he'd had when he prepared for the exams.


Which course or group of courses should I take ... and why?

  1. Consider if you want a better foundation in your current job, or for another job you may want in the future. Then take whichever courses relate directly to that work.
  2. Decide which areas of insurance education play to your strengths, then start with that course or group of courses first.
  3. If your manager has earned several designations, then your manager can offer you good advice.
  4. Call or email Ray; he'll be happy to advise you!


How can I Succeed in Insurance?

  1. If you want to succeed in insurance, you must continue your education.
  2. Use The Institutes' materials, they offer the best, learn-at-home, property-casualty study guides.
  3. Use The American College's materials, they offer the best, learn-at-home, life-health study guides anywhere.
  4. Use The National Alliance's materials, they offers the best live classes for CICs.
  5. Use the Burnham System. Our materials are the gold standard for CPCU/IIAs, CLU/ChFC/CASLs, and CICs.