CPCU 560

Financial Services Institutions

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Current Text Edition: 4th

Current Course Guide Edition: 7th

Ray's estimate of course difficulty (1, easiest and 10, hardest): 7

In just 48 pages, The Burnham System basic study guide for CPCU 560 covers Introduction to Financial Markets and Financial Institutions; The Federal Reserve; Money, Bond, Stock, and Derivative Securities Markets; Commercial Banks, Thrift Institutions, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Securities Firms, and Investment Banks; Mutual and Pension Funds; Risks of Financial Institutions; and Liquidity Risk.

As a good study guideline, figure that anything in those 48 pages might be on your exam, and that there will be nothing on your exam that is not covered in those 48 pages.

The Burnham System bonus study materials for CPCU 560 include Ray’s answers to each assignment’s review questions and definitions of key words and other new terms.

PDF files are non-copyable and non-printable. They are annotatable.