AU-M 67

Strategic Underwriting Techniques

This product is a Bound Book.

Note: This course was previously known as AU-S 67. The course content is identical.

Current Text Edition: 1st

Current Course Guide Edition: 1st

Ray's estimate of course difficulty (1, easiest and 10, hardest): 6

In just 44 pages, The Burnham System basic study guide for AU-M 67 (often referred to as AU 67, previously referred to as AU-S) covers Developing Competitive Underwriting Strategies; Managing Underwriting Profitability; Underwriting Large Accounts; Utilizing Loss Sensitive Plans for Large Accounts; Using Reinsurance in Commercial Underwriting; Managing a Book of Business, and Reunderwriting a Book of Business.

As a good study guideline, figure that anything in those 44 pages might be on your exam, and that there will be nothing on your exam that is not covered in those 44 pages.

The Burnham System bonus study materials for AU-M 67 include Ray’s answers to each assignment’s review questions, definitions of key words and other new terms, and a sample diagnostic exam with answer explanations.

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